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Sod Installation Service

We specialize in sod installation and that is why we offer our customer the best quality in matter sod & labor.

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Sod Maintenance Tip

When its time to maintain the sod, many question will follow, such as: when should I start cutting my grass? When can I start walking on my lawn? How much water does it need? Should I feed it fertilizer? First thing's first!

Freshly installed sod will need to be watered within the first hour of installation to keep the roots from drying.

The Watering Process

Watering the sod is capital to prevent it from drying and burning! To know how to maintain your sod, check out some instructions we've put here for you.


Week 1-2: Water the sod two or three times a day until soggy during early morning & late evening or over night avoid puddles in direct sunlight

Week 2-3: Keep the heavy watering process once or twice a day while always avoiding puddles in direct sunlight.

Week 4- beyond: Keep up watering your sod once a day early mornings or later in the evenings, usually out of the direct sunlight. In case of intense heat waves & dry season, the sod will need to be sprinkled all day, avoiding carefully any puddles in direct sunlight.

watering lawn as landscaping and sod installation

Walking on the lawn

Many of us would want to enjoy they're new sod by walking on it soon after installation. Though it will need a bit more time to really be ready to walk on. Constant walking, dragging or sitting on the grass will cause the grass to die.

The average period until starting to walk on the sod is 3-4 weeks. The best process to be sure the sod is ready has been to lift up a corner of sod gently while feeling the root resistance.

When it is not easy to pull out the roots, that usually means the time has come to walk & use your new lawn.


sod maintenance and care schedual - walking on sod - turf - grass

Mowing the lawn

Mowing your new lawn is certainly one of the most rewarding maintenance activity as you get to smell this fresh cut lawn aroma as you enjoy a perfectly maintained yard!

A few tips can help maintain your grass in the better possible condition during the summer.

Freshly rolled sod should be given a period of 10 days to root properly & develop the strength necessary to stay healthy after its first cut.

A proper grass length will ensure your grass gets through the warmest of seasons. For Kentucky Bluegrass, the recommended length is 2 inch to 2 inch 1/2 and 3 to 4 inch during low rain fall & warmer weather.

Now its time to mow that lawn for a healthy fresh cut!

sod maintenance and care - cutting the lawn

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Please note that every customer is responsible for the proper maintenance of its own sod & the instructions mention up above must be considered and applied with careful judgement as every situation is different.


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